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For 2023 (and 2024 ...) - we are now fully retired from IT training.
We have made many, many friends over 25 years of teaching about Python, Tcl, Perl, PHP, Lua, Java, C and C++ - and MySQL, Linux and Solaris/SunOS too. Our training notes are now very much out of date, but due to upward compatability most of our examples remain operational and even relevant ad you are welcome to make us if them "as seen" and at your own risk.

Lisa and I (Graham) now live in what was our training centre in Melksham - happy to meet with former delegates here - but do check ahead before coming round. We are far from inactive - rather, enjoying the times that we are retired but still healthy enough in mind and body to be active!

I am also active in many other area and still look after a lot of web sites - you can find an index ((here))

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Resources from the web site of Well House Consultants on the subject of Just Pictures. We provide open source training course and business hotel accommodation in Melksham, Wiltshire, England

There are some pictures that I take - or Lisa takes - and I say "wow" and publish them on our web site - just because they ARE wow!

If you're looking for tips and techniques on how to process pictures for the web, there's a separate section here
Articles and tips on this subjectupdated
47682017 - the final six months
Pictures from July to December 2017 ... as we started to get back on track.                   ...
4755Back and continuing to feed pictures!
Back and with bandwidth! More to follow in due course on the last week - but here's a continued trickle feed of pictures! dubmelk22.jpg - breakfast at_mkm_40.jpg - Train at Melksham gwrrhs037.jpg - New GWR train colours in Plymouth x11_route.jpg - Train and bus - Melksham commuters to Chippenham ...
4754A quiet Sunday afternoon
Billy and Gypsy are sleeping after their walk to the centre of Hayle, and Lisa's wiring on history. Which make it an ideal time to label another batch of my pictures! sswap13_5.jpg - Seed swap - vegetable table pdest51.jpg - Arriva trains Wales train arrives in Neath pdesta4.jpg - Wilton Parkway ...
4752Welcome to July. Picture labelling continues!
gwrrhs128.jpg - RailFuture awards to the TransWilts team overapache.jpg - Front and back web servers - how they fit together my1_61.jpg - Bridge to the old good yard at Trowbridge bkf3.jpg - The short live Melksham Rail Link bus 20130604_mkm.jpg - Making up time - plenty of slack in the schedule n15_berks.jpg ...
4750Thurday images
Continuing on my image labelling series oucest1.jpg - Do not feed the french seagulls in Bath DSC08272.jpg - From the early days of SaveTheTrain v_01.jpg - Cycles at Bristol Temple Meads my1_53.jpg - FOSBR and TransWilts do the Melksham Carnival classic_4.jpg - Gunnislake train at St Budeaux hdh04.jpg ...
4749Pictures for Wednesday
I am adding labels to most of my pictures to help me (and you!) find them when I (and you!) do searches. Automated scripts on our web site add "alt" tags from our database ... please ask if you want to learn more about how I do this! brday2.jpg - Joining a special train at Melksham ctj8.jpg - ...
4748A second batch of images for today
It's very hard to stop when you get onto a flow ... cadv23.jpg - Road - rail interchange at Gunnislake c15_8_04.jpg - Ponta Delgarda, Azores DSC08345.jpg - Santa and friends, Melksham Rail User Group, December 2016 weywizad.jpg - Weymouth Wizard - the GWR poster diw06.jpg - Corris Railway pdestc3.jpg ...
4747Image feed for Tuesday ...
I have a lot of catching up to do with image labelling .... here are some more from the last couple of years! twswspecial_012.jpg - Planning and running a railway is complicated pdest60.jpg - Ivybridge Station folding_inner.jpg - An old TransWilts leaflet not_01.jpg - All shut due to Southern ...
4746Image library - labelling continues!
It's incredible what a wide range of places ... more images to start the week! qnv15_2.jpg - Flat police at Taunton routemaster_poster.jpg - Bus running to Imber - London Routmaster busmontage.jpg - A bevy of different buses piswan3.jpg - Discouraging walkers in Morriston / Swansea crs_wat_11.jpg ...
4745More pictures - final labelling set for today
apo2.jpg - Old Station building at Avonmouth before demolition mrld1_2.jpg - Early morning commuter train, Melksham to Swindon tygwyn002.jpg - Tygwyn Station, Cambrian Coast line strmkm2.jpg - Asking about an odd train service during diversions cadv59.jpg - Brunel on the Royal Albert Bridge, ...
4744Updating image labels
Over the years I have taken many pictures ... but of late haven't been indexing them as I've used them on our websites. So this is one page in a series which adds labels in the form of "alt" tags. Search facility to come later. Our content systems use an image database setup (which I wrote) and ...
4743Further picture labelling!
I have a library of some 11,000 images. Frightening ... and as of yesterday morning some 3,000 were unlabelled. Here's a few more labels - with "alt" tags - so you may find me (and I can find myself) in due course through the search engines. su14_009.jpg - Melksham Station - the old platform South chambermembers.jpg ...
4742Third and final set of older picture for today
obj03.jpg - Llandrindod Station - or is that Llandrindod Wells? 4game1.jpg - Staging hotel in Crieff on our way to FIAB filming ooo23.jpg - Westbury Station on Warminster Vintage Bus Running Day pdestg7.jpg - Dublin Docklands Station threedlackdogs.jpg - Billy Bobby and Gypsy kymo.jpg - Lisa, ...
4741Catching up on labelling more images
For several years, life has been hectic busy and images have been dropped onto my web site without labels; that means 'm being offered stale pictures when I do a Google search. pio54.jpg - Disused Station in or near Rotherham my1_70.jpg - Bath Spa Station lastfirst.jpg - Waiting for the bus in ...
4740Labelling images
Catching up on some old pictures - can you identify them?? ...
4133In the hills above Harlech, and on the coast too
Images from above and near Harlech from yesterday.                   Today - the drive home. ...
1986Walk to Bowerhill
I walked out - just a very short distance - to Bowerhill drop off the post earlier today. A fine, crisp, frost bedecked trip; here is a selection of the pictures as these articles have got very technical of late! The Old Spa houses, on the very edge of Melksham, still look out over fields This ...
3990Stripes of Snow
The snow of a week ago lingered long, but is now mostly gone. In the field behind our home, it still lies on some of the ridges that are normally so subtle that they're unnoticed. ...
3925Red sky at night
No Shepherds around to be delighted (or is it warned), but a lovely sunset over The Spa! No Shepherds around to be delighted (or is it warned), but a lovely sunset over The Spa. ...
3907Weather pictures
There are those afternoons when the weather makes the picture. Behind Melksham Spa, walking the dogs. ...
3894A wet Saturday
A Wet Saturday ... where am I? Ah yes - Melksham ...
3846Signs of Autumn
The evenings are drawing in ... with the view over Melksham from Sandridge Hill. The wheat has been harvested And there are still strawberries at Well House Manor ... whether you want them as part of a cream tea, or over cereal! ...
3837Evening behind Melksham Spa
The evenings are starting to draw in, and in the cool at the end of the day it's lovely to walk in the fields behind The Spa. Spectacular skies and open speces. ...
3713Verticals ... last month
Well House Manor, Bristol Temple Meads, Oliver Cromwell, Billy and Gypsy, Great Haywood, and an update on the Wilts & Berks Canal, Melksham Link, and a frosty spring morning. ...
3678Potteries and Staffordshire in the Sunshine
We've been up to The Potteries today to collect something connected with a potty for The Well House Collection. There's a story to be told there. And we took our half Staffie to Staffordshire in the process. A truely lovely (and underrated) part of the country. Picture the funfare at Trentham gardens, ...
3655Sights and scenes - more London trip pictures
Two days in London - with a start on the 05:44 Bradford-on-Avon to Paddington train on Wednesday, and on Thursday a finish that's not yet happened and we're actually into Friday morning. But I'll admit I love being busy. And I'm very thankful for the lifts from Lisa at the extreme ends of the ...
3616Bus top - colours of London
Scenes from the top of the No. 205 - from Paddington to Bow Church, via The Angel Near Angel On Euston Road Regent's Park ...
3562Christmas Day - for unique pictures
Christmas Day is ... an opportunity to take some pictures that would be impossible for the rest of the year. Early in the morning, and in the evening, streets are uniquely empty. I drove up to Devizes to pick up Dad during the morning, took him back up there in the evening, and took the opportunity ...
3473Picture - Havant Station at Dusk
"Havant Station at Dusk" ... Taken last night as I walked around the town that I'm training near to for a few days. No particular significance in the location or picture - I just enjoyed the lines and the lighting in the picture - a "lucky shot". It look better bigger - click on the image to see it ...
3356Holiday patterns - just the art, not the content
We're on the homeward run at the end of our holiday ... a cup running over with experiences. It's good they say that "a change is as good as a rest" as the past 10 days haven't been particularly restful - "if it's Wednesday it must be Portugal" style, with a harbour in the morning and a hillside in ...
3350A set of pictures without point
Walking around yesterday, snapping pictures with lots of other folks, I found myself wondering "what can I DO with these picture?" ... These are ones that I quite liked ...here for no other point ... please click on any of them to enlarge them in a new window if you like them. Open Source, ...
3289New Camera - very first picture, and next from first films
What was the very first picture you took with your camera? Over the last few weeks, I've borrowed Lisa's camera on a couple of occasions, and found that I've been able to get more vibrant pictures with it than I can with my own. That the zoom has been more powerful than I've had (in fact the camera ...
3241Spring in the countryside near Melksham
After spending a few hour inside Christie Miller looking, enjoying the model railway exhibition, we took a walk in the countryside near Melksham. Downstream of the bypass bridge, the river meanders through open countryside accompanied by the TransWilts railway line just to the north. We're in the season ...
3220Panasonic Lumix TZ20
Lisa has a new camera ... which I got a chance to test drive in the field behind our house this evening. Here are some samples, taking in the lower light of the late afternoon, and seeing how the extremes of the zoom work.     Click on the individual pictures to see them larger. ...
3195Sunny day - Clanger and Picket Woods, Shearwater, and Westbury
Delene's mum Nellie returns to South Africa during this week, so we took the opportunity of a sunny day to go out quite near to home, and see Westbury, Warminster, Heytesbury, Shearwater, and the back of the Longleat Estate. Some pictures ... All things you can see (and there's ...
2140Beware - giving copyright away when you upload a picture - Dogs Trust
We've signed up to add pictures of the hound to "DoggySnaps" - run / sponsored by the Dog's Trust from where Gypsy arrived. Yes, we paid Gypsy's kennel costs. Yes, we made a donation ... but we want to encourage them more and help them with things like a vibrant web site (which it is). But - goodness ...
3096Contrast in pictures
I need to learn a bit more about some of the special settings on my camera ... and to re-train myself to think "settings" as I take pictures; at present, I just snap away with either the regular setup, or "available light" which gives me nighttime pictures that would have been regarded as miracles ...
3101The week before Christmas
The canal at Devizes earlier today as we passed through. You'll see from the ice that we weren't passing through by boat, nor was anyone else From the Perl for larger projects training course - a diagram to illustrate the problem of "diamond relationships". This is where a module "a" loads a module ...
1400Dark Dawn
It's that time of year once again when an early start means scraping ice off the car, and a start in the dark and perhaps the fog. But living at 51 degrees north gives us the variety of seasons and the dampness that causes the fog also causes the whole country to be so green, as you have seen in yesterday's ...
2989Oddballs in Plymouth
I've been staying in Plymouth this week - and some evenings I've had a brief opportunity to walk around and see some of the sights of the city. Here are some of the more "oddball" pictures ... not quote the standard tourist views of the Hoe and the Barbican. This has been a tough week ...
2914Older picture.
On this week's PHP course, one of the applications we're looking at is an image library - and that's given me an opportunity to go back through a few old snaps; I've just looked at a handful so far, but I couldn't resist uploading and sharing this one. I suspect I've never shared it before as it's ...
2888Recent Pictures
In each case, click on the link for a whole page of larger pictures! Bath Spa University. Pictures of the University at Newton St Loe, taken at Kimberly's Graduation Foxhangers, Kennet and Avon Canal. Pictures taken on a walk with the dog the other day! Sway, near Lymington, Hampshire Taken when I ...
2819Some more pictures ...
There's a lot of things to take pictures of in Wiltshire - and I have libraries of them which have rarely seen the light of day. I've added another directory - currently around two dozen picture - from earlier this year and last. No real theme, other than you might enjoy running them as a slide show ...
2767Back from a Python course in Glasgow
Only 24 hours ago I got back from Glasgow - a lovely evening drive, and into the early hours, and a chance to stop at my favourite motorway service area. Glasgow is a city of contrasts - the "ancient and modern" - it seems especially noticeable there. Here's a further example - the very old and the ...
2760Views of Scotland
Early morning over Annadale Water ... an overnight stop on my way up to ... Glasgow, where I am training this week. What a contrast! ...
2756Same subject - different pictures
It looks to be a quiet day at the Lincoln memorial, looking up the Reflecting pool to the Washington Monument. But the it's a lovely spring day, and there are rather more people around In fact there are so many people around that the park guards are out keeping an eye on things. I find it interesting ...
2677Blowing out the winter cobwebs
Spring was here for the first time this weekend - and Sunday afternoon was an opportunity to blow out the cobwebs a few miles from home on the Westbury White Horse. ...
2611Sunday Evening, City of London
I'm training in London for the next few days, and travelled up late this afternoon. Even on a Sunday night, there are pictures to take. The course is a Ruby one ... I expect I'll get technical again tomorrow. ...
2582Starting to arrange the picture library
"Yes - but what do you DO with all those old pictures" ... in the past, so many photographs were put away in the bottom draw never to be seen again; these days, they're not even printed - just a quick look and perhaps not much more. And yet, over the years, some of us gather such a magnificent set of ...
2553On a short walk from home
The days of the Christmas Holiday, with no courses to give, are a chance to catch up with family and friends, to catch up with sleep, to catch up with paperwork ... and also to take things just a little easier. For me, that really does NOT mean sitting in front of the TV; this year, with a ...
2549Christmas Day ...
... in pictures ...
2518Through the arches
Melksham Town Hall from The Tavern What's happening in Melksham? The Tavern from The Art Cafe What businesses are there in Melksham? Guests at Well House Manor Where can I stay in Melksham? "What is there to see in Melksham?" ... so asked a lady I was talking to on the phone on Friday ... and I ...
2464Beauty in pictures
Top picture - Well House Manor Bottom Picture - an orange pepper ...
2412Autumn Fruits and Bristol Old Station
Where can we go today? There's a wide choice of places on offer ... ... some of which have a chequered and interesting history (and those of you who know something about your history of Bristol will recognise that this covered car park was once the gateway to the City But it's autumn, and it's ...
2404Low Sun - Autumn is here
The days are rapidly getting shorter - as we head for Michaelmas, when there's 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark ... then on towards the time of the year with the shortest days at Christmas. Goodness - I'm talking "Christmas" already. This afternoon, I took a short walk in the fields behind ...
360Spring turns to Summer
Taken yesterday in the Herefordshire countryside - a little further from home than most of the pictures that I put up on "The Horse's Mouth". This will be forming part of my "clickable map" demo - where I'm putting up pictures from all around the UK. See ... Work in progress (Click on map ;-) ... ...
2298Melksham Carnival Parade - the people
Carnival is all about people ... people in the carnival, and people watching the carnival. Melksham Carnival and Party in the Park, 18th July 2009. ...
Six trains ... a bus ... four walks ... and a day's work too. Still - as you can see from above, a wide variety of places! ...
2202Bright Colours
I was struck by the brightenss of colours this early evening in Whitehead and Carrickfergus - I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves. But let's not forget the brightness of natural colours too - the vibrant greens taken on Island Magee, just a few minutes earlier, nor the power of black ...
2168In honour of the photograph, I present ... a walk from Reybridge to Lacock
                      A walk from Reybridge to Lacock where William Henry Fox Talbot took the first reversal process photograph. 2 miles beside the river, across fields, past the abbey, through the village and back via the paths. Some ...
2146An evening excursion to Devizes and Avebury
It's the time of year when days are longer ... and after a training course, delegates (sometimes with the tutor acting as tour guide) gat a chance to see a little of Wiltshire. Midweek, early evening ... and places are quiet but the scenes and scenery remain magnificent. As well as delegates on courses, ...
2121Out in the Vale of Pewsey
On Saturday, we took the day off / out. We've been holed up too long at home working on accounts, web sites, and all the other stuff that comes with our business so that - although we are not short of things to do - we needed a refresh. I have often driven through Pewsey ... but never stopped. So on ...
2101A B C D of GA and TN
Pictures from this weekend ... Amicalola, Georgia more pictures Blue Ridge, Georgia more pictures Copperhill, Tennessee more pictures Ducktown, Tennessee more pictures ...
2098A room without a view
Lisa and I are staying at the Comfort Inn, in Blue Ridge. It's on a road called the "Outlook" and there are views from both sides of the hotel - on the ridge - to the mountains. What a pity that some tw*t decided to build an oversized awning over the entrance to the hotel and block the view from ...
2093Leading Lines
The lines in a photograph lead the eye to the distant point where they converge. Try that out with some recent pictures I have taken Power lines cross the fields behind our HQ in Melksham - and the eye follows to where they meet the horizon The hedge, the amphibian barrier, and the fence around ...
2034Through Snow and Flood to Linux and Tomcat
I arrived in Milton Keynes on Sunday night ... to find at 9 p.m. a hotel where they had closed the restaurant early for lack of customers, and after an appalling drive the advertised meal was not to be had. The final 3 staff took pity on me - one of few customers around, and the only one not in his ...
I've been very 'technical' of late ... a lot of good material that I didn't want to melt away from my mind as I moved on from Tomcat to learning to program, C, C++ and - next week - Python. But I did think these two pictures above, taken last Thursday and Friday, are an interesting contrast between ...
1981Bitter cold
It's bitterly cold here in Wiltshire at the moment (and the "Global Warming folks are hibernating, it seems!), but how to express that in pictures? A slight sprinkling of snow, ice on the driveway gives something of a clue: In words, I can tell you of feeling cold (that's unusual for me!) and of ...
1931Frosty Morning, foggy evening
A frosty morning here in Melksham. This is actually yesterday's picture - taken in our garden with the Christmas berries and the haw frost - headed for Bath and the Christmas Market A long day - back on a delayed evening bus (25 minutes late from Bath - good Ole First!) that dropped us at the end of ...
We're moving from Autumn to Winter; the picture with the bright leaves on the trees is less than a month old, but it seems like an age ago. The bare tree was taken at Wilcot on Saturday. And this morning I was scraping ice off the car here in Cambridge. Back to Melksham tomorrow night ... Friday is ...
1854Three Seasonal Pictures
    I've not labelled them individually, as each of them stands as a picture on its own. But if you want to know more, the first is Oliver's Castle, near Devizes, Wiltshire and the second was taken in Oxford a couple of weeks ago. The third picture shows me between a chap who's seeking ...
1838Oxford in Pictures
So warm in October that no-one needed a coat. So calm that not a leaf blew in the breeze. So bright that a stop of just two and a half hours lead to a plethora of pictures.Please click on any picture for a larger copy in another window. ...
1818Icelandic Badge
Lisa's doing new staff badges for us all - both ID badges and swipe cards - and they're personalised. We have our own picture on our ID cards so that customers can recognise us, and they're to a fixed Well House Manor format. But we have a choice with swipe cards of - more or less - anthing. And I ...
17703 hours from Milton Keynes
I finished training at the end of Friday in Milton Keynes ... with a 2 to 3 hour drive home through the traffic travelling to start the Bank Holiday. Why rush it? I kept off the motorways, and stopped on the way to take a picture or two. Here are some of the images from the beside road from Milton ...
1740Vertical London
With a course in London this week, I've had an opportunity in the early morning and early evening to walk across town and take a few pictures. A quiz for those of you who are at all familiar with London (most will be VERY easy for native Londoners!), can you place the pictures? ...
412Bristol Balloon Festival
It's the Bristol Balloon Fiesta this weekend ... and the skys above the city are filled with balloons that take off from Long Ashton to the West and fly across to the East, landing in the countryside between Bristol and Bath. Always a glorious site. The balloons are so ... quiet ...! You don't realise ...
1620Norwich and London
Here's a picture taken on Sunday evening on he bridge over the river Wensum in Norwich; it's a fast moving week - I'm writing from Beckton in East London this morning, and I'll be in the City in just over an hour! I have updated my Norwich pictures too! ...
1546The geometry of East London
Lisa and I are in London - this afternoon and tomorrow - visiting the Hotelympia show at the Excel centre in docklands. More on that tomorrow, but I couldn't resist taking the architectural geometry of he area in a few pictures. Above - the lift and stair shaft up to the bridge over the dock. Railways ...
1489Pictures of December
Some December '07 pictures ... the tail end of the year and it's amazing what the modern digital cameras and photoshop can do with limited light ... Each image is clickable to enlarge it in a separate window. ...
1398Someone else's wedding
I haven't a clue who the happy couple are ... but we came across the wedding party when out yesterday - at the Old Mill, Harnham, Salisbury. A beautiful sunny day, and it was one of those occasions where a couple who are, perhaps, the most private of individuals normally are more than happy to be photographed ...
1392Autumnal lighting on a London trip
I was in London all day - hence this late-posted entry, and a brief one at that. Sharing a trio of photos taken during the day. ...
1234A review of a week and a trip to Brugge
It's been a long week - a course in Brugge at the begining of the week, and a f-u-l-l day in London yesterday where I was presenting Python as a series of six one-hour lectures to a somewhat larger group, rather than the traditional course with plenty of time for practicals which do give me a bit of ...
1233Horses of Brugge
  When I updated the Horse's Mouth archive the other week, I found that I had a lack of appropriate horse pictures to use for illustration - I guess there are just so MANY things around that we think of as being quite common and yet ... look in a picture library ... and you'll find them lacking. And ...
1216Five of the best - pictures from London
My day in London yesterday ... and I have returned with so much technical information and so many picture I don't know where to start and which to leave out. Here are some pictures ... with links to more pages of similar if you like them. Technical stuff to follow in the next few days! The Notting ...
1172May day 2007 in pictures
Yesterday - May Day 2007 - was one of those long days which generated so much to say - techical and otherwise - that I don't know where to start (and so, it seems, I'm making the problem worse by going on about it). Early morning at "404" and "The Manor" getting ready for the day .... a day's consultancy ...
1162Cheddleton, Staffordshire
An evening walk beside the canal. In the fading halflight of early evening, it's hard to capture in a picture the quiet beauty and tranquillity of the canal at Cheddleton, where the Churnet Valley runs between the hills on the edge of the Staffordshire moorlands. But I thank goodness that this canal ...
1152Course, right place, right time
Courses tend to be in the right place at the wrong time to look around at pretty places, or in the wrong place (nothing much to see) at the right time of year. But just ocasionally, I do have an opportunity to wander out of my hotel and look around at some lovely places ... Last night in Hereford ...
1099Passenger flows
On the railways, I've seen so many people interested in the trains and not the travellers - they're often known as the "Gricer"s and "Anorak"s - and I've attended many meetings / seen many pictures they've taken and read many discussions. But the modern day railway is there very much for the passenger, ...
1064Light and shadows at Beach
Yesterday was a glorious, sharp but sunny day and one of those rare opportunities we get these days to relax a little and take a day off - or at least part of a day. We all went over to see Chris (my son) and his wife Delene and their cat Snowball at the incongrously named "Beach" which is a small village ...
1005Stirling at night
Just back from Stirling, Scotland ... a long day's drive. And it's a little ironic that I found myself in this beautiful place that I'd never stopped in before ... wanting to take pictures, on the shortest day of the year, and fully occupied, training, during the day. Let's try some night photography: That's ...
958Plain Ole nice pictures
It's a while since I put up some really nice pictures, for the sake of being picture. So here are three taken this week - daytime Tuesday, evening Wednesday and dawn Thursday. Locations are Swindon, Bath and Melksham. ...
870Autumn comes to Wiltshire.
A misty Sunday morning in Wiltshire - Autumn is here and it'll soon be time to turn on the heating. For us, it will be another long day of preparations for the opening in just 3 weeks time of Well House Manor. Our bedroom, on the second floor of the old Spa House, looks out through a wrought iron balcony ...
786First Light, Bootle Docks, Liverpool
      Taken at around 05:30 this morning, from the "Norland" ferry from Dublin, waiting to disembark. The lovely low dawn light makes for some spectacular shapes and colourations. ...
772Training in Liverpool
The Royal Liver building, completed in 1911, stands a few yards from the river Mersey near Liverpool's Pier Head, formerly the point from which ferries left for Birkenhead. I'm training in Liverpool this week and I'm seeing huge development in the City; some of the older buildings converted from offices ...
548San Francisco
Classic Holiday Snaps ... we're moving on from San Francisco; an interesting place to visit but I can't say I've left my heart here. It's cosmopolitan, it's fun, there's plenty to see and do but being asked for a dollar on every street corner soon tires. Not saying homesick, but it sure makes me appreciate ...
625February pictures
Even in February, there's some beautiful scenery around. Three pictures from yesterday. Killingworth Lake, Lake District, at dawn Crickley Hill, Gloucestershire, late morning Swainswick Wood, near Bath, mid afternoon ...
298Sharing pictures of Wiltshire
A colourful collection taken yesterday ... I love this part of the country ...
713Pictures from my travels
In the last couple of weeks, I seem to have been all over the country and I've just uploaded a whole raft of pictures ... with the addition of accommodation to my "brief" this year, I'm collecting a whole load of Wiltshire snaps to use the very best on our new sites, and you'll find much of the new raw ...
708Linescapes of Mull
On Monday, Dad and I sailed on the paddle steamer Waverley on her annual cruise from Oban to the island of Iona, where St. Columba set up his monastery in the 7th Century - the first such Christian place in Great Britain, said to have been chosen because on a clear day he could see Ireland. Waverley ...
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