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For 2023 - we are now fully retired from IT training.
We have made many, many friends over 25 years of teaching about Python, Tcl, Perl, PHP, Lua, Java, C and C++ - and MySQL, Linux and Solaris/SunOS too. Our training notes are now very much out of date, but due to upward compatability most of our examples remain operational and even relevant ad you are welcome to make us if them "as seen" and at your own risk.

Lisa and I (Graham) now live in what was our training centre in Melksham - happy to meet with former delegates here - but do check ahead before coming round. We are far from inactive - rather, enjoying the times that we are retired but still healthy enough in mind and body to be active!

I am also active in many other area and still look after a lot of web sites - you can find an index ((here))

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Resources from the web site of Well House Consultants on the subject of People. We provide open source training course and business hotel accommodation in Melksham, Wiltshire, England

Running a hotel and training course, travelling near and far to learn and to impart knowledge, we meet a wide variety of interesting people. Confidentiality precludes us from sharing much of what we could tell you (we are not tittle-tattle merchants!) but we can tell you about some amazing people who are happy to receive the publicity or who, sadly, are no longer with us.
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4736Our changing world
Time moves on. My Dad passed away in January, and is sorely missed. He was quiet and unassuming, yet very wise and very generous; any wisdom I have comes from him. His passing was sudden; he was living on his own, happy and healthy though slowing a little in his final years which is hardly surprising ...
4728Visiting Los Alamitos Bay Yacht Club
We're visiting family (both Lisa's and mine) in California for a few days, after a hectic early Autumn - and doing a few days of "the tourist thing" too. First real break away (if I've not overlooked anything) since the spring of last year, and I'm going to get very amateur for a couple of posts and ...
4646Sometimes you wonder about people. And perhaps you should not.
I remember Paul and Laura. They met online / via a newsgroup and became a couple. Scatty youngsters at the time - he British, she American and the whole immigration shenanigans got in their way. Don't think families were very supporting and I remember having them round to my place in Swindon and getting ...
4482People in New York
It's not all about the buildings and places - it's about the people too ... ...
4349When I am old, what will worry me?
What concerns the old dears of Neath? They're concerned as to which is the best nail salon in the town, the limited nuber of crisps in a packet, and the that all the seats in the train are facing the wrong way. What doesn't concern them is how long it takes them to get on the train, nor that as they're ...
4193Using our non-found page to help look for missing persons
How things move on... our "Page not found" page - HTTP error 404 - showed a picture of our home, as we live at No. 404, many years ago. We moved on to running our search engine there, taking the words people had entered as parts of the URL and offering alternatives, but in time the type and volume of ...
3981Melksham - a town of some remarkable people
There are some remarkable people in Melksham, people who live and / or work in the town and put a great deal of time and effort into positive endeavours for the town. And it's good to see them recognised in nominations for Melksham's "Person of the year 2012" in the Melksham Independent News. It's ...
207Canteen Dragon
"You can't come in here to eat" said the Canteen 'Policewoman' at the site where I'm training, to one of the students on my course. And I thought that class segregation was out of the window ... Lunch, 12:15 to 13:00. I've been given a canteen pass for 12:20 to 12:40 and that's when I may enter. One ...
3125The family is defunct. Long live the family.
Have you heard it said that in modern society the family, and especially the extended family, is defunct? That so many of us of working age have become so driven by various pressures to earn money to keep a roof over our heads that we have abandoned things which would have been considered our natural ...
3512A colleague and friend who changed my life
Peter ... changed my life. For the best. And we had some good work times. I've not seen him for a few years and it was a shock - a mighty shock - to get an email yesterday from his wife, asking if my email address was current and letting me know that Peter had passed away the previous weekend after ...
3905How should we choose our Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner?
There seems to be a great deal of official effort put into raising awareness and interest in the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections which will be held in Wiltshire on 15 November 2012, and yet I've not been terribly sure who the candidates are, what the job entails, and what each of the candidates ...
3775Alan Turing - 1912 to 1954
I probably wouldn't be where I am today without a man who died a month before I was born. And who would have been 100 years old today. Alan Turing, one of the legends of modern computing, is also (alas) remembered as a 'cause celebre' in the mistreatment of its citizens by the UK legal system and government. ...
3466Passing of Steve Jobs - R.I.P.
Last Sunday ... there was Bill, Anthony, and myself with our heads down, "Learning to Program in Python". And all of us were using Apple computers. Windows still dominates the market, but Apple has regrown into the "classy act" - the laptops in our business that many aspire to. I awaken this morning ...
3355Family Pictures
Perhaps the professional photographer lost some business when he failed to be around at the appointed hour ... Lisa's family all turned up, and after waiting in vain for a while we took our own photos, using his set. Having said that, the photographer turned up in the end and 'set' pictures of the ...
3298Quiet Monday in
Yesterday, Abby, Tyler, Zyliana, Lisa and myself went downtown, then headed off on a world tour (Florisa style in the searing heat of near-record temperatures. Today, the oldest and youngest of the party remain in the room, while the middle three are heading off to the movies - to have breakfast at ...
3297A long day, a long journey, and families and similarities the world over
Yesterday was a long journey - physically and through so many different experiences and enironments - so "emotionally" if you like to put it that way - but good, planned emotions. At Gatport Airwick - I justed like the atmosphere shot here of some woman I don't know silhouetted against the window ...
3268Baby Pictures
Aeryn (with mum Delene) Aeryn ...
3184Visiting relatives
Nelly arrived from South Africa on 17th ... visiting her daughter - my daughter in law, and Aeryn, who's graddaugher of both of us, and she's staying with Chris and Delene. But it's a long way from Mossel Bay to the UK, and - lovely though Melksham is, there's much more to see in the country. So we ...
3055Zyliana Kyrei Cox
Congratulations to Tyler and Abbi on the successful delivery, yesterday evening, in Naples, Florida ... a daughter - Zyliana Kyrei Cox. Thus far, Tyler has posted only a picture and a smiley on his Facebook page but judging by the picture, and the winkey / smiley he chose, I think it's safe to say "mother ...
3034Birth Notice - Aeryn Cassandra Ellis
To Chris and Delene - in the early hours of this morning, a daughter, Aeryn Cassandra. Baby doing well; this was always going to be a very complicated birth [some background]. I'm delighted to report that mother is doing far better than some of the possible scenarios. She should be well enough to leave ...
3008Dulwich College Preparatory, and Sevenoaks, Schools
Do you believe in co-incidences? I've never been invited back to an old boy's dinner at the schools I attended in my youth, but in the last couple of days I've heard from both of them, inviting me to reunions on 11th November and 12th November. Do you believe in going back? Having had those invites, ...
2886Congratulations, Kimberly
Congratulations, Kimberly. Yesterday I was honored to attend the ceremony at ...
2846Catching up with an old friend
It was good - really good - to grab a lunch yesterday with a good friend and former work colleague I hadn't seen in 30 years. I met Paula when I was assigned to the Civil Service Department - see [here] for some of the technical stuff we did there. By the time I came to get a job at the end of my ...
2078A lot has changed - but the memory lingers on
I got an email from a delegate I trained ten years ago - which goes to show just how long a week of training can be remembered. He wrote "I was trying to figure out how to return EOF in Java when Google showed site Well House. Well, I couldn't remember where I learned Perl but now I do! Sometime in ...
771From cat breeder to Cobol to Perl
In my youth, I read the books written by Gerald Durrell ... starting off with the stories of his childhood on Corfu in "My family and other animals" where I learnt of his maveric background with unusual pets of all shapes and sizes. Followed him through animal collection trips to Africa and South America, ...
2795Simon says
I hope I'm never tempted to sell you a five day course when three days will be plenty; that's not just looking for the moral high ground ... it's the practicality of keeping a couple of other days open for other things, and the knowledge that if you get a well timed rather than an elongated course, you'll ...
2503Melksham manslaughter case concludes - sort of
After the deadline for the local newspapers this week, the court case against Tom Minshull who was accused of the manslaughter of Adrian Cooksey concluded - with the jury taking 90 minutes (according to the press) to reach a "Not guilty" verdict. Mr Cooksey was found lying in Spa Road in the early hours ...
1065Graham Ellis - an Introduction
Sharing an introduction I made elsewhere - I'm not just an IT trainer - I do have other interests! Hi, I'm Graham Ellis. I've been in the "IT" industry for 30+ years, and I live in Melksham, Wiltshire. I run specialist training courses here and many of my customers (or until last December, they came) ...
2132Learning about Lurchers
Lisa and I adopted Gypsy today. And no doubt I'll be telling you more about her, and showing you proud pictures, as time goes by. I don't after all, have quite the same data protection issues if I tell you all the personal things and stories about a dog that I would have if I told you about a colleague ...
2100Visiting Family
Lisa and I have been spending a few days with son Tyler and his wife Alyssa in Georgia - all four of us are pictured here at the Amicalola falls (which you can see through the trees because the leaves are, as yet missing), with another passing early season visitor taking the picture for us. It's one ...
388BBQ Season
Last Thursday evening, we visited Chris and Delene at their new home between Bristol and Bath ... perhaps some of our customers who came on training courses 3 or 4 years ago remember Delene who had a temporary job with us, and saw in our news logs that she married my son Chris. It was a lovely evening ...
1303Heading Upstate New York
A bridge over the Hudson, from the Albany train We met Linda - probably not her real name - on the railroad up from New York to Albany on Sunday. She boarded the crowded train behind us, and, looking for a seat, sat opposite us in one of the four seat bays, with a polite "may I sit here?". A quiet ...
1279The Gdansk fireball
I listened, open mouthed, speechless, enthralled as the old lady told me how she and her family escaped (or rather - some of them) escaped from Gdansk / Danzig - the Baltic port under German occupation at the time when it was bombed to a raging inferno by the allies during the second world war. I forget ...
1988Melksham, Wiltshire. Town Crier Competition, 2009
"Coming to Melksham on 25th April 2009 ... Melksham's 1st Town Crier Competition - 30 criers and escorts in a cavalcade of sound and colour" Taking place in the Market Place - just five minutes walk from our hotel [about and bookings] - at 11 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. Peter Dauncey, our Town Crier, and his ...
Is 2009 going to be "The year of Michelle"? After a lull over Christmas and the New Year - usual in our business - enquiries are flowing again, and bookings picking up where they left off. And yesterday there was a predominance of Michelles. Question - "Did you get back to Michelle". Answer - "Which ...
1151Gordon Dodge, R.I.P.
Gordon Dodge, who helped fight such long odds to get Melksham station re-opened in 1985 - and won - passed away yesterday. My deepest sympathy goes to his wife Audrey and family who have lost a remarkable husband and father. When I started the "Save the Train" campaign 2 summers ago, Gordon welcomed ...
1119The Last Word on the road
"The Last Word". When I first heard the Radio program that talked about people who have passed away recently, I felt it was a bit macabre ... but then I found myself learning a lot about some remarkable people. It helped, then, pass a long journey between Melksham and Inverness. Ironically, I came ...
1107Weekend Visitors
Over the weekend, I was at "The Manor" for a while each day, door open for people to walk in. And I'm delighted to say that people know that we're a hotel, they do walk up, and they do walk in. Gone is the forbidding 8 foot wall which used to block the property in. And I delight in the variety of people ...
1916Why I remember East Grafton
There are certain places that bring a poignant reminder to me when I drive through them - and one of those is the village of East Grafton, near Hungerford in Wiltshire. We passed through there on Saturday - for the first time in years - on a winter's drive around some of the parts of Wiltshire that ...
530Perl course during the week, getting married at the weekend
Ahmed (not his real name) is getting married on Sunday and last night should have been his traditional "shower"; his bride was having hers, but Ahmed's here with us on a Perl course in Melksham. Like all soon-to-be-marrieds I've come across, he's both looking forward with some excitement to the future, ...
423A Victorian Lady
My Grandmother - "Gran" - would have been 112 today. She was born when Victoria was on the throne and when the professional classes lived in bigger houses and had servants to help with the running of the place. My early memories are of a sliding door to their kitchen in Ainsdale, Lancashire when my ...
1627Amazing family members
Look around at your family, and you'll find some remarkable people - and look a little beyond your immediate group to slightly more distant relatives, and you'll find some people who amaze you. We knew her as "Molly" but by birth she was Mary O'Loughlin White; Dad's cousin who we met from time to time, ...
1570London Midland ... Merrymaker ... Percy Danks
"Can you write about some good rail trips" asked Jim on the forum I administer ... and my mind went back to Percy Danks and his Merrymaker day excursions. And when I write, I go on rather. Have a look at the topic here I didn't make real mention of the Scottish trips he ran too - overnight both ...
1522Paging Martin Noke, who petitions for more trains from Trowbridge to Swindon
Update, 2nd Feb 08 - see base of article It was about a year ago that I ran a petition on the Prime Minister's web site, calling upon Tony Blair (our then Prime Minister) to provide an appropriate train service from Westbury to Swindon, and other routes which are operated using the same fleet of trains. ...
1385Delegates of all shapes and sizes
It's not normal for me to talk about my course delegates ... and it's never done without permission. But I'm breaking from normality (but not going to NEVERland) today to introduce you to Gary. Gary checked in on Sunday. And went out for a run before the course on Monday; went out for another run ...
1238The kind spirit of Melksham
It's one of those days where I'm posting short, at the end of a long day. Well - actually I've had a couple of long days ... But I do want to record a bif THANK YOU to Mr and Mrs x for the lift from Chippenham Station after I missed the one and only evening train that comes down our way. They heard ...
1197Back off home with our best wishes
Tyler and Alyssa - [step]son and Daughter-in-law - left yesterday morning to return to Florida at the end of their honeymoon here. Theirs is such a whole different way of life and attitude. Here, they seemed rather like fish out of water. I felt frustrated in not giving them a magic time - on my terms, ...
1064Light and shadows at Beach
Yesterday was a glorious, sharp but sunny day and one of those rare opportunities we get these days to relax a little and take a day off - or at least part of a day. We all went over to see Chris (my son) and his wife Delene and their cat Snowball at the incongrously named "Beach" which is a small village ...
820Robert and William Whitworth
Robert Whitworth first surveyed the line for a canal through the Vale of the White Horse in 1784, as part of a plan by the Thames and Severn Canal Company to bypass the upper Thames, which they saw as an impediment to their trade. Further surveys followed, with a great deal of activity from 1793 to 1795 ...
794Perl delegate - much more than just a delegate
I train many, many people in a year so I can't remember everyone ... but there's some people that make a huge impression, stick in the mind and are ne'er forgot. One such is Dan Butler, who flew in from the Netherlands for a Perl course in December 2002. Dan writes "Unfortunately we suffered a tragedy ...
763Much more that the world cup
Who is that chap you stood behind in the queue for your train ticket this morning? He looks just like another commuter, but do you really know? And what about that woman who's just used the pedestrian crossing in front of your car? They may just be people who are living quiet lives and not greatly ...
543The world didn't stop for Christmas
Walking along streets yesterday it was quieter than usual - save for the people asking for money who seemed to be around in even greater numbers than usual. Perhaps that's because people are more generous to them at Christmas so they're all out - or perhaps it's simply because they've got fewer people ...
611Look out for the motor cyclist
I visited my son Chris in hospital last night. He's awaiting an operation, scheduled for today, to put the pieces of one of the bones in his lower leg back together - the registrar came around while I was there and described the operation as being rather like putting a kebab skewer in to gather the ...
392No Smoking
Sir Richard Doll, the scientist who confirmed the link between smoking and lung cancer, died recently in Oxford at the age of 92. Link - story on BBC website One in five deaths in the UK are said to be smoking related ... Aren't statistics like that hard to comprehend? I've been putting a few figures ...
704Erin Brent - rest in peace
"Come as a student, leave as a friend" we say on our coffee mugs. And so it was with Erin Brent, who came to us on a Tcl course 3 or 4 years back. Lisa and I stayed subsequently with Erin and Richard in Oxford, and they visited us in Melksham for a weekend. She returned to Australia early last year, ...
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