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For 2023 (and 2024 ...) - we are now fully retired from IT training.
We have made many, many friends over 25 years of teaching about Python, Tcl, Perl, PHP, Lua, Java, C and C++ - and MySQL, Linux and Solaris/SunOS too. Our training notes are now very much out of date, but due to upward compatability most of our examples remain operational and even relevant ad you are welcome to make us if them "as seen" and at your own risk.

Lisa and I (Graham) now live in what was our training centre in Melksham - happy to meet with former delegates here - but do check ahead before coming round. We are far from inactive - rather, enjoying the times that we are retired but still healthy enough in mind and body to be active!

I am also active in many other area and still look after a lot of web sites - you can find an index ((here))

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There are some things that I want to share but they don't fit into any of the standard categories; you'll find them grouped here
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4767Some thoughts on 2017, and looking forward to 2018
1. Review and thoughts on 2017. 2. Plans for 2018 (look for the bold heading down the post!) There's a logic in putting thoughts together when leaving [something] ... and a certain cathartic release in writing a letter/post to explain. Publication of such writing may help people understand why ...
4761Looking forward to the autumn.
19th August 2017, 04:30 a.m. A first visit to the specialist physiotherapist has confirmed that I'm not going to get back the energy and capacity I once had. The deafness in one ear and loosing of my balancing senses in that ear too means that my other senses are having to work much harder (to pick ...
4759Sale of effects and furniture - 12th and 13th August 2017
In the process of reducing three properties to one (Dad's, the business and home), we've a lot more "stuff" than we need for the future - and a lot of it's good stuff but just in excess. We've found good homes for much of the hotel equipment, we've weeded out and skipped stuff that no-one would want, ...
4756Learning how to be a more effective community partner
On Thursday, I treated myself to a course - "People Powered Change - Learn how to Campaign in a Day". My decision to go on this course may surprise some readers as I've been involved in actively seeking solutions that are better than what might have otherwise been offered for a decade. However, it's ...
4739A year of changes for Lisa and Graham Ellis, and Well House
Our IT training business has been running at Well House Manor (48 Spa Road) since 2006, and during that time has grown in all sorts of unexpected directions - into a guest house, an event venue for outside customers, a museum, and a base for the local Community Rail Partnership. With changing metrics ...
4737Why you should vote for Lisa in Melksham Central
Dear Reader, This is written to you if you live in Melksham, and especially if you live in the newer housing area to the east of the town. That area's been moved from the rural "Melksham Without" Parish to the Melksham Town, and for the first time you'll have the opportunity to vote for Town Councillors. ...
4735Revisiting - should I stand for Melksham Without Parish Council in May?
I have stated in the past that I wouldn't stand for town (Melksham), parish (Melksham Without) or County (Wiltshire) election as a councillor, and given my reasons if anyone cared to look at them. However, times and logic changes, reasons become more or less important, and over the past few weeks I've ...
4734Thoughts on the new Blackmore Ward of Melksham Without Parish
Things they are a'changin with regards to local representation of residents of The Spa, Sandridge, and Woodrow at Melksham Without Parish Council. Until now, they've been included in the same election ward as Beanacre, Bowerhill and Berryfield, and the ward has also included a significant proportion ...
4728Visiting Los Alamitos Bay Yacht Club
We're visiting family (both Lisa's and mine) in California for a few days, after a hectic early Autumn - and doing a few days of "the tourist thing" too. First real break away (if I've not overlooked anything) since the spring of last year, and I'm going to get very amateur for a couple of posts and ...
4714The technical article feed continues - personal updates more proactive on Facebook now!
Regular readers of "The Horse's Mouth" will have come to realise it's not been quite so regularly updated of late. It remains an excellent way of feeding new examples into our web site (and you'll have notices a splurge over the last couple of days) and so I'll be continuing to feed it ... and indeed ...
4698Lisa writes - on the referendum vote today
Posting on my blog for Lisa, and in her words and in my full support of them I cast my vote this morning. I was so nervous that I read the choices twice. Answered, then double-checked my decision twice to make sure I put my "X" in the correct box. Not because I was undecided. It was because my vote, ...
4669Buses - how did we get into the situation we are in?
Since I wrote this article, I have been informed of some inaccuracies / errors (for which I apologise) and been made aware of a couple of places where clarification / extra depth to a simplification would be useful. Accordingly, I have cut in notes of the form {{1}} to indicate those areas, italicised ...
4657Rumours of bus changes by First in Wiltshire - what we know and suspect
There are rumours flying around concerning the future of First Bus routes to the east and south of Bath, into Wiltshire and Somerset. Some of these rumours conflict; I'm posting here what I believe to be the situation. 25 hours later (late 2nd March) - I'm updating this article with information received; ...
4658The end of competition on a bus route - the effects from then end of the 234
When a commercial bus operator decides to drastically change or cease operating a route, they do so based on the business case for their shareholders, rather than out of consideration for existing regular passengers or the effect on the area served or other operators. They just need to give legal notice ...
4625Where does Wiltshire bus subsidy money come from?
I have been asked where the bus subsidy money of around 5 million pounds per annum comes from, and how it fits in with other council expenditure. Not sure if the web page at http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/council/howthecouncilworks/budgetsandspending.htm id the latest, as these chart are for the last ...
4600A big change in August
We could all look back and say "my life changed that day" to certain days. Some of those days, we know, are going to be lifechanging, others we might guess at ahead of time, and some come as a complete surprise. Such a surpise came to me in that day - those 24 hours - a day in early August. One evening ...
4489Election results - what if we had a party list system?
I make no comment on the system - but having seen the final general election result come in, and with the percentages of the vote to each party, I w9ndered how many MPs each part would have if we had a party list system. PartyActualParty List Conservative331241 Labour232199 Scottish Nationalist5630 ...
4485Misusing statistics? - the seedy side of election campaigning
Background - Jonathon Seed - Conservative Wiltshire Councillor for Seend, and resident of Bromham (in the Devizes constituency) writes in response to a post of mine """Your "clarification" misses the recent "issues" with your Liberal MPs expenses and of course the FACT that he was a shabby 609th in the ...
4476Upcoming election - Chippenham Constituency - the major candidates compared
We have five candidates for MP in the Chippenham / Melksham / Bradford-on-Avon / Corsham constituency. Standing for re-election is Duncan Hames, who has been our MP for the past five years and was very well known to us as a local councillor, as a member of the South West Regional Development Agency, ...
4308What can you and I learn from online quizzes?
I see an awful lot of online quizzes on Facebook; what sort of person are you ? / how much do you know? type stuff. And sometimes, I'll have a go - not because I have a huge faith in the results, but rather because they lead me to thought and reflection on myself, on my knowledge, and how such quizzes ...
4286Reaction in Radstock to new First bus prices
There is concern in Radstock at the new First bus fares, just as there is concern in Melksham. There's a Melksham community transport group meeting on 30th July, and as a member of the First Bath Customer panel (and so perhaps more informed than most on these matter), I went to Radstock yesterday evening ...
4281A different vision for the future
I am in complete disagreement with removing all governmental current business support and encouragement and replacing it with grants to social startups such as potters, with building footpaths where two can walkk abreast alongside even the smallest and remotest of country lanes, with running free buses ...
4275Eurpoean Elections, and other elections ahead. Some thoughts on campaigns and policies
We're coming up to elections for the European Parliament, though looking up the streets you won't see (m)any election postsers. And looking a year ahead, there's a general election to happen with parties already tussling for position. Talk on the radio yesterday was of how civil servants in some departments ...
4235Sharing my personal best of 2013
Best day - wedding of my daughter Kim to Kyle, 22nd August [link] Best friend - Lisa [link] Best team - ours at Well House Manor [link] Best course subject to teach - Python (but that's a close-run decision!) [link] Best Well House Manor event - a tie between the Edwardian afternoon with croquet, ...
4221Celebration of the fruits of LSTF, and of the people who have helped and are helping
There's an event in plan for a celebration of what the Local Sustainable Transport Fund is bringing us, with important people down from London for the event. It was intended for that event to take place within a short period of the introduction of the improved TransWilts service, and one or two of us ...
4201Looking to the future at Melksham Station
I am posting this, initially, as a purely personal analysis rather than official statement or policy of any sort. A Station Planning group has been set up with a strong elected chair, and this is informational to that group. And we have a meeting with the various departments of Wiltshire Council a week ...
4111Zigzag bus - forward for the future, or decaying service?
I'm writing up this, on the Zigzag bus, as a result of discussions at yesterday's TransWilts Link meeting, when the subject was discussed by a number of bus users and experts; it's in draft form at the moment, but I have been especially encouraged to document it early and not at the August close of consultation The ...
4187Not treading water, but not risking the ship for a 0.5th of tar either
I'll only really believe that we have additional trains on the TransWilts line when the first one of them takes the crossover at Trowbridge and heads onto the single track towards Chippenham, and I'm keeping the morning on Sunday, 8th December 2013 free to be there to witness it in person. You may say ...
4165Improving travel advise information in Wiltshire
I am ... happy to see Wiltshire Council and their "Improving Wiltshire's Rail Offering" project offering on line information, and I am delighted that they are also proactively visiting many residents and helping them learn about the best travel and journey options. Some of their Transport Planner are ...
4157Wedding Photos - Kim Ellis to Kyle Londors, 22nd August 2013
It was a lovely wedding .. our daughter Kim married Kyle in Corsham yesterday, and they came back to Well House Manor for the reception and an evening party. All went off as it should; as with all weddings, a chance to catch up with old firends and families and to make new ones, to revise and refresh ...
3905How should we choose our Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner?
There seems to be a great deal of official effort put into raising awareness and interest in the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections which will be held in Wiltshire on 15 November 2012, and yet I've not been terribly sure who the candidates are, what the job entails, and what each of the candidates ...
Kiss - Keep It Simple, Stupid! The days of the British Railways sandwich, with curly edges and no sell-by date, are long since gone. Station buffets and other food outlets were privatised long since, and at the most major of stations such as Paddington and Bristol Temle Meads, you've got multiple commercial ...
3602Emerging proposals for land to the east of Spa Road, Melksham
Letter - to be hand delivered within the immediate area of Melksham Spa. Copies of the letter and one of the map pages to be attached. Available via links in my blog - Graham 3rd February 2012 404, The Spa, Melksham, Wiltshire, SN12 6QL. Dear Neighbour, I've received a letter, forwarded to me by ...
3566Initial thoughts - response to GW Rail Franchise Consultation for Wiltshire
These are my own thoughts on an appropriate response to the Greater Western Franchise Consultation from the Department for Transport, as it should relate to services running across Wiltshire on the TransWilts line, and the consequences thereof. I have already posted a short analysis of what the proposals ...
3556Aeryn at 1
Time flies - and it's amazing to think that my granddaughter is now over a year old. Here's Aeryn - a snapshot taken on Sunday when we visited her, Chris and Delene at their new place in Amesbury. Purely a personal post this one - for other relatives and friends in far flung places to have an ...
3511Melksham has a heart - have your picture taken and support the defibrillator appeal
I have been walking around Melksham this weekend asking people to hug each other and have their picture taken ... why? "Melksham has a heart" Management Summary * Melksham Needs Portable Defibrillators to help save lives. * A Fund Raiser is running at the Assembly Hall on Sunday, 20th to support this * ...
3450A threat in the post? Poor marketing practise from Smiletrain?
Do you get irritated by the volume of spam you get - by email, by telephone, and in the post? I don't know which is the worst. Phone calls demand your immediate attention and (personally) I find it very hard to get back into coding concentration once I've broken to speak to someone who's just doing ...
3413If its Sunday, must it be Weymouth?
I've been to Weymouth five or six times over the last two months - providing an information source to passengers travelling from the TransWilts stations of Swindon, Chippenham and Melksham, and importantly to help them find the right train back in the evening. Frequent rail travellers such as myself ...
3298Quiet Monday in
Yesterday, Abby, Tyler, Zyliana, Lisa and myself went downtown, then headed off on a world tour (Florisa style in the searing heat of near-record temperatures. Today, the oldest and youngest of the party remain in the room, while the middle three are heading off to the movies - to have breakfast at ...
3283The juggler
As soon as the juggler throws a ball into the air, he's only got a limited time to deal with the other four before he must catch it again, and stopping for move than just a moment will result in some of the balls being dropped. Picture taken today during a very brief visit to bath - around 12 hours ...
3240Melksham Town Council - vacancy in the Spa Ward
STOP PRESS The URL of this web page was accidentally quoted as the place to find details of the Melksham Forward meeting on 26th April 2011. Please see [HERE] instead. Thanks - Graham There's a vacancy on Melksham Town Councillor for The Melksham Spa Ward, and a byelection will be held there ...
3224Melksham Campus - a win / win opportunity, but a severely lacking decision process
Well - Tuesday night at the Area Board was an interesting meeting, held at Melksham Assembley Hall with a goodly crowd attending. I've started, and stopped, writing several times - so much to think and say. So has Lisa ... so I'm going to quote her words first to break the ice, and come back with further ...
3108My First Christmas
Proud Grandfather is allowed to publish pictures of Granddaughter occasionally, even though this blog is really about hotels, open source, Melksham, trains, and other similar topics. Click on the image to see her larger, in another window Delene, Chris and Aeryn came around yesterday afternoon; Aeryn's ...
3055Zyliana Kyrei Cox
Congratulations to Tyler and Abbi on the successful delivery, yesterday evening, in Naples, Florida ... a daughter - Zyliana Kyrei Cox. Thus far, Tyler has posted only a picture and a smiley on his Facebook page but judging by the picture, and the winkey / smiley he chose, I think it's safe to say "mother ...
3037Looking back and forward personally - 6 years each way
When I started this blog in 2004, I was a father, and I ran a training company and we worked from home with minimum extra help. I didn't wear glasses, I was just a regular (sleeping) member of the Chamber of Commerce and FSB, and I didn't know a lot about the area I lived in, or its governance. We had ...
3034Birth Notice - Aeryn Cassandra Ellis
To Chris and Delene - in the early hours of this morning, a daughter, Aeryn Cassandra. Baby doing well; this was always going to be a very complicated birth [some background]. I'm delighted to report that mother is doing far better than some of the possible scenarios. She should be well enough to leave ...
2982Travel, Transport and Tourism - A vision for Melksham, 2026
This is a seed document that I've prepared as a pump-priming exercise to help the Community Area Partnership (at the request of the vicechair of the steering group) and other associated organisations think ahead towards what they would like to see in the 2026 area plan. It comes in three main sections: a) ...
2886Congratulations, Kimberly
Congratulations, Kimberly. Yesterday I was honored to attend the ceremony at ...
2698Ruth Davis, 1916 - 2010
I first met Ruth Davis in 1996 - retired in Fort Myers, Florida, with a long, interesting and distinguished life already stretching back some 80 years behind her at that time. I got to know her better - but not as well as I would have liked - over the following years as I courted and then married her ...
2547The great thing about snow ....
One of the great things about the snow is that you can see where the black dog is, even in the half light, as she races round the garden takes her exercise. Somehow I don't think that was going to be the top of your list of favorite snowy things. Let's try some more ... Sprinklings of snow add a ...
2195A two day gap - first time in five years?
A very busy few days (if you wonder why it's the first time in five years that I have gone two days without posting here!). Friday was last minute preparations for a very important rail meeting in Swindon - senior level, lots of important players. That's yet to be written up and I've got to report ...
1014Christmas Season Piccies
Mainly for family and friends around the world ... a few random pictures grabbed recently ... you'll recognise who's who, I'm sure, from the Christmas Eve get-together. Oh - those last two pictures. The Melksham lemon crop, 2006, and Cribbs Causeway shopping centre, Bristol, during the after-Christmas ...
1051Too busy to blog it - but it's great (mostly)
I try to write a blog entry every day - indeed, I feel an irrational guilt if I don't put something up by midnight and it takes an exceptional day for me to miss out completely - but that happened yesterday. So perhaps this is goin to turn into another of those "geeze look at my busy day posts". Started ...
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